Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Need some answers, we got you covered. Check out some of your fellow renters most common questions and their answers below.

What is the process?

You can view rooms online. Next you meet with an agent and they will show you the room(s) you’re interested in. Once you find your dream room, you apply (online), submit your supporting documents for you (and co-signer if applicable). The agents will then be working behind the scenes to find you roommates. If you wish to be involved with finding roommates you can! Find out how below.

I’m out of town, but want to secure a room before I come back to NY, is this possible?

Yes!, you can apply for the apartment ‘sign unseen’. Your agent can do a viewing via FaceTime, and/or send you videos. The whole process can be done remotely. When you arrive in NY, you will sign the lease in person and pick up the keys!

Is there a Broker Fee?

99% of the apartments that we offer rooms in are NO FEE. In the extremely rare case where there is a fee, it will be disclosed upfront. There is an application fee of $100 per person.

Is my application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable.

What are the requirements for renting a room?

Generally speaking applicants should earn 40 x the rent (i.e.if your rent is $1000, you should earn $40K) and have a credit score of 680 or above. We realize not everyone meets these criteria, so you also have the option to add a Co-Signer, pay an extra month of security deposit or use a rental guarantor service.

What documents will I be asked to provide?

You will be asked to submit: photo ID, proof of earnings (pay stub, taxes, W2, letter of employment), bank statements and proof of rent payments.

What documents will my co-signer be asked to provide?

They will be asked to submit: photo ID, proof of earnings (pay stub, taxes, W2, letter of employment) and bank statements.

I don’t have an established credit score yet / I am international and I don’t have a credit score…what are my options?

You can add a co-signer (must have a USA credit score and proof of US earnings), you can apply with a guarantor service like insurent or you can pay an additional security deposit.

What can I do to help with finding awesome roommates?

If you wish to be involved in the process of finding your roommates, you can!. Your agent will provide you with the photos and necessary information so you can also post the rooms on Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist and other roommate finding websites. Your agent can attend the showings and guide anyone interested through the application. 

Can I choose my own roommates?

The agent will work to find you qualified roommates, who meet our approval criteria. If you have very specific requests regarding the people you want to live with, we suggest you become more involved in the process.

Can I have all female / male roommates?

The more involved you are in the process of finding your roommates, the more you can stipulate specific requests. 

How do utilities work?

Usually the utilities are split evenly between the number of people living in the unit. One person signs up for electric, another for gas, and another for internet etc. When the monthly bill arrives, it’s split between the roommates, and each pays their portion to the account holder.

Can I do a month-to-month lease?

Generally most apartments are a 12 month lease. There are exceptions to this, so check with your agent when you are singing up. We do have some options for shorter length leases.

How does the lease work? Will I have my own lease?

The roommates all sign a joint lease for the whole unit. Individual leases for individual rooms are not permitted.

What if my co-signer doesn’t want to co-sign for the whole lease amount?

We can provide you with a Roommate Agreement, that states each individuals financial responsibility. This can be signed by all roommates and notarized. 

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